The News YOU Need to Know Friday November 6, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Proving Michigan Election Fraud

Watch as 130,000 BIden ballots are dropped off in Detroit Click Here for Story and Video

Stopping the Steal

Trump campaign gets first win in election legal fight Click Here for Story

Live Updates on Election

Click Here for Details

Bad Election Numbers

Antrim County may not be the only fraudulent numbers being reported in Michigan Click Here for Story

Beware Liberals

BLM isn’t on your side Click Here for Story and Video

The New Firewall

How long can the GOP Senate fight if Biden wins Click Here for Story

Wall St Likes Division?

Wall Street rallied on news of a divided Congress Click Here for Story

Dems Using Illegal Votes in Nevada

Trump lawsuit hits Nevada Click Here for Details

GOP Women Do Well

GOP picks up women Representatives in Congress Click Here for Story

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