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Stealing Your Wealth

Joe Biden Called Cory Booker. But Apologize? It's Not the Biden Way. - The  New York Times

67% death tax under the Biden Tax plan Click Here for Story

Beer, Tattoo Art and Groceries: Is There Nothing the State Won’t Subsidize?

Governments do a lousy job at creating jobs through its handout programsRead more

Twitter Ramps Up Censorship

Locks up US Border Chief’s account over border wall status tweet? Click Here for Story

Kroger Earned $1.66 Billion In 2019, Getting $1.6 Million Michigan Taxpayer Grant In 2020

Read more

Record Black Support for Trump

Will this be the undoing of the Democrat party?

SCOTUS Helping Election Fraud ?

Majority allows ballots 12 days after election in North Carolina Click Here for Story

MSM Hiding Biden Dirt

Evidence and witness for Biden corruption but Mainstream media won’t cover it Click Here for Story

Tucker’s Lost Documents

UPS now says they found the documents that mysteriously disappeared Click Here for Story


Hunter Biden wants to play the victim? Click Here for Story

Killer Cuomo

New York Governor won’t accept responsibility for the thousands of seniors he killed by putting Covid infectees into nursing homes Click Here for Story

Sneaky Democrats

PAC groups disguising themselves as pro-hunting groups Click Here for Story

Not Just a Riot

Philly Police find van loaded with explosives Click Here for Details

FBI Director Corrupted?

IS Director Wray involved in the Biden corruption? Click Here for Story

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