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9/11 Never Forget

Update on Durham

There could be criminal charges Click Here for Story


UM Graduate Employee Organization union strikes across campus

U of M students support striking grad students Click Here for Details

Liberal Group Gives City Of Lansing $443,000 For Voter Outreach

Funders and founders a who’s who of the moneyed left

Lying or Ignorant?

Joe Biden’s latest gaffe or just an outright liar? Click Here for Story

Segregation is Back?

Michigan college apologizes for segregating virtual 'cafe' events

A Michigan university has to apologize Click Here for Details

Vaccine Won’t Be the Answer

Most Americans suspicious of a Covid vaccine Click Here for Story

The Truth About Trumps Covid Response

President Donald Trump holds one of his many coronavirus updates at the White House. (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Way ahead of anything Democrats said or did so Woodward’s book is way off base Click Here for Story

Lyin Biden

Despite his rhetoric Joe Biden was telling people not to worry about Covid in February Click Here for Story

Democrats Don’t Want to Pass Stimulus

There is no political advantage for them Click Here for Story

The Democrats Brown Shirts

BLM and Antifa are doing the dirty violent work of the Democrat Party Click Here for Story

Coming Soon to a City Near You

BLM harasses elderly couple trying to have dinner Click Here for Details and Video

Greece and Turkey Relations Heating Up

Greek-Turkish Rivalry Again Near the Boiling Point

Could a regional conflict flare up? Click Here for Story

The Biden Media

Mainstream Media is pushing for Biden to win Click Here for Story and Video

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