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America Under Attack?

Why have there been 4 refinery explosions since June? Click Here for Details

New York’s Disgraced AG

Read Attorney General Letitia James' lawsuit against Trump, his children  and their company

Letitia James should be removed from investigating Trump Family Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Idiot

Rashida Tlaib Spouts Politically Correct Anti-Semitism for the 21st Century  | The Heritage Foundation

Rep Rashida Tlaib is the poster child for who should not be elected Click Here for Story

Extreme weather patterns are not new

Michigan’s health department appears to ignore historical data

FBI Suspends Whistleblower

Agent refused to participate in Un-Constitutional raids being carried out by the corrupt and politicized FBI? Click Here for Details

What IS Senator Ted Cruz Thinking?

Sen. Ted Cruz says Supreme Court 'clearly wrong' in decision legalizing  same-sex marriage

Did Cruz cave to the Democrats or is there an explanation for his support of Democrat JCPA big media bill? Click Here for Story

American Traitors

China is recruiting American top scientists Click Here for Details

The Fall of the Medical Community

After the disgraceful behavior of the medical community on Covid now children are being targeted for profit? Click Here for Story

Woke Corporations

Profits for shareholders is no longer first now Corporate executives are pushing justice, inclusion and diversity Click Here for Details

The Truth Behind the Martha’s Vineyard Debacle

Its not just about obvious hypocrisy it shows the real danger of uncontrolled mass migration and how it can destroy a country Click Here for Story

The Destruction of Humanity

You were warned. Data is now showing the alleged Covid “vaccines” are doing more harm than good Click Here for Story

Commitment to America

Can the new GOP promise get them the House and the Senate in November? Click Here for Details

Smoke and Mirrors

Democrat and media attacks on Trump are just to keep America from thinking about how badly the Democrats and Biden have screwed America over Click Here for Story

FBI Gestapo

Its no longer a question as to whether the FBI is the Democrat’s Gestapo Click Here for Story

Exposing the Border Crisis

Fox news reporter is covering the Biden Border disaster and the Biden Admin doesn’t like it Click Here for Details


Beer shortage is coming? Click Here for Story

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