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What Will Audit Show?

Arizona audit results to be revealed Friday Click Here for Story

Spending Disaster

Debt limits and a Federal Government that doesn’t know how to live on a budget is causing a disaster for the US Click Here for Details


Vaccine passports are the newest form of discrimination Click Here for Story

Eight Years Later, Teachers Union President Still Complains About Pay Cut; He Makes $83,705

It’s a poor community where teachers do OK, and a little better in return for extra chores

Sowing Division

Its not just CRT now its reparations being used to divide us Click Here for Story

Political Prisoners

Justice Dept has wrong priorities Click Here for Details

Smoke and Mirrors Before AZ Audit Results?

Afghan debacle has exposed Joe Biden as a failed president

Biden Admin looks to move attention away from Arizona Audit results to force media attention on Trump again Click Here for Story

Even Texas Democrats Now Know…

Texas Democrats threatening to leave the party over Joe Biden’s Open Border disaster Click Here for Details

Tax Breaks for Political Thuggery

Democrats give Unions tax breaks for their support? Click Here for Story


GOP introduces Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden Click Here for Details

Not How You Govern

Democrat Statesman says Democrats using reconciliation to govern is not how it should be done Click Here for Story

Woke Envoy Resigns?

daniel foote sits in hearing

US Envoy to Haiti resigns over Haitians at US Border Click Here for Details

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