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Don’t Bite The Hands That Feed You

German farmers protest with tractors against austerity measures | Reuters

European farmers have had enough of the scams of governments who want to shut down the farmers who feed civilization Click Here for Details

The Climate Scam Exposed

New documenatry shows the climate agenda is a scam to bilk trillions from average people to the ultra wealthy? Click Here for Story

Soooo… Trump Won’t Be The Dictator DemocRats Keep Saying Is?

Trump Ousts John Bolton as National Security Adviser - The New York Times

Back handed “Insult” from Never Trumper John Bolton clearly reveals DemocRat lie? Click Here for Story

Elitist At Its Evilest

Biden fundraiser as as the right people… for and evil fundraiser Click Here for Story

Where IS the Apology to Christians?

Biden should apologize to every Christian or making the Holiest of Christian days “the Transgender Day of Visibility” which goes against most Christian values. Click Here for Story

One Has to Ask. What Did Gallagher Get?

U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) speaks on the floor of the House.

One has to ask why Rep Mike Gallagher waited to leave Congress on a date he knew would leave his constituents without Representation for most of the year and Republicans with almost no advantage in Congress. Should he be sued for harming his constituents? Click Here for Story

Bankrupting America

Elected American politicians are bankrupting America. This is breaking their oath of office and endangering the country Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Will you be able to see this “super nova”? Click Here for Details

EVs and Slave Labor…

Your allegedly green EV isn’t saving the environment and is making more children into slaves Click Here for Story

The Latest on The Open Border

small child and women immigrants walking away from steel southern border wall and barbed wire

The open border crisis isn’t getting any better Click Here for Story

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