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Welcome to Biden’s World of War

Yet another conflict comes to fruition under Democrat President Joe Biden. Democrats told us it would be trump who would start wars but its been joe Biden al along Click Here for Details

Trump Rallies Getting Bigger

Support for former President is only getting larger Click Here for Story

Congressional Abuse

How Congress gets richer and you get poorer Click Here for Details

Racism in UC Berkeley

Education Dept will open an investigation into the University of California Berkeley campus for banning white people from a farm operation? Click Here for Story

Weaponized Migration: Look Familiar?

Migration as a weapon is happening against the west Click Here for Details

Bad Michigan Politicians

Why are Democrats always backing the wrong side in conflicts? Click Here for Story

Biden Hurts Our Ability to Produce our Own Oil

Biden Admin finalizes more regulations to make it HARDER to drill in the US Click Here for Story

Is The Democrat Plan to “Get Trump” Backfiring?

more Americans are seeing how Democrats are weaponizing the system against Trump and worry it could happen to them Click Here for Story

Its Now In Writing…

Georgia election officials now say election fraud happened and put it in writing Click Here for Story

Peace Through Strength

The World was far safer under Donald Trump

New January 6th Whistleblowers?

Looks like January 6th was a set up after all? Click Here for Details

Covid 19 WAS Created in a Lab

And much of the US government knew about it. Did some part of our government also help China create it? Click Here for Story

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