The News YOU Need to Know Monday April 22, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

How Bad Is It?

How much garbage and foreign support did our politicians screw the American taxpayer for in this latest bill? Click Here for Story

Biden Signal’s More Weakness

US will give up airbase in the country of Niger in exchange to get 1000 US soldiers back Click Here for Story

Defense Plan?

Trump legal team lays out its plan against the phony charges Click Here for Story

Hollywood Pedos

Yes we’ve been saying and now so is Bill Maher Click Here for Details

Moral Crisis

Historians are talking about America’s morality crisis Click Here for Story

Biden On the Wrong Side Again

Supporting Iran and sanctioning Israel? Click Here for Details

We’re Not Giving Free Aid Fast Enough?

Zelensky complaining that the US isn’t giving free aid fast enough? How much longer will this scam continue? Click Here for Story

Why Republicans Are Losers

Democrats impeach Trump over nothing while Republicans refuse to fight back and impeach Mayorkas when it needs to happen Click Here for Story

What IS Pompeo Hiding?

Trump wanted to release the JFK assassination info but Mike Pompeo seems to have stopped him? Click Here for Story

China On Our Doorstep

China is taking over a Caribbean island Click Here for Story

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