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Pro-Palestinians Turning on Democrats

Columbia Students Walkout during ...

The schism between the Democrat Party and pro-Arabs is growing wider Click Here for Story

Violence Growing Against Trump Supporters

Are Democrats setting the dogs out on Trump supporters? Click Here for Details

Have Women Had Enough of Joe Biden’s Lies?

He hasn’t turned out to be a unifier and isn’t making life easier or safer for women and children Click Here for Story

Has China Become the Stronger Military?


Are military advancements in China besting America’s technology on the battlefield? Click Here for Story

Democrats Called out on Their Subpoena Hypocrisy

THey put Peter Navarro in jail but now want Democrats who won’t follow subpoenas allowed to go free Click Here for Story

Another Bridge Disaster Avoided?

Another container ship lost power this time in New York near a bridge Click Here for Details

End of Gaza War?

Or just a pause by Israeli troops? Click Here for Story

Corruption Gone Wild

The Biden Regime has turned the US government into the most openly corrupt government on the planet? Click Here for Details

Convicted for Praying

The US Department of Justice convicts a 70 year old grandmother for praying at the US Capitol on January 6th Click Here for Story

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