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Ending Law and Order

The Sham January 6th committee is not real justice just Stalinist propaganda designed to stop American’s having choice in their politics Click Here for Story

Big Government Socialism

Government spending is destroying the United States and voters need to realize it before its too late Click Here for Story

Manchin Doesn’t See He Is Being Scammed?

Pelosi scammed the extreme liberal wing of her party now she’s about to scam Senator Joe Manchin too Click Here for Details

Fox Sealing Its Own Doom?

The formerly conservative cable network may be sealing its own doom by “banning” Donald Trump, have they finally been completely bought off by the liberals and global elite? Click Here for Details

Will US Farmers Follow Suit?

Dutch farmer protests

Farmers around the world are protesting against the “Green” policies that are destroying our ability to make food and feed the world ? Click Here for Story

Ignoring the Recession

Ignoring the real US recession outright or redefining it is simply outrageous and dangerous to Americans Click Here for Story

US and Chinese Navy Squaring Off?

US Naval units are moving into positions which may bring conflict? Click Here for Details

We Starve Without Farmers

Ask yourself why governments are trying to put farmers out of business Click Here for Details

What the Green New Deal Is Bringing

Rationing of home heat, electricity and fuel Click Here for Story

Big Court News?

SCOTUS will now hear argument that only legislatures can change election law Click Here for Details

Worst President of Our Lifetime

GOP Attacks on Joe Biden for Being Old, 'Senile' Were a Mistake

Worst polling in 7 decades for Biden Click Here for Story

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