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The Biden Economy

Yes it sure looks like recession is here Click Here for Story

Close to Home…

Daughter of Ukraine war mastermind 'is blown to pieces in Moscow car bomb'  | Daily Mail Online

Daughter of Putin ally dies in car bomb in Moscow? Click Here for Story

How’s That EV Working Out for You?

NYC unveils plan to build one of the largest electric vehicle charging  networks in U.S. -

20% of electric car owners are having issues charging Click Here for Details

Forced to fail: How Michigan’s lockdowns ruined an Oxford gym

One in three Michigan businesses faced a government-ordered closure in 2020, and some never recovered.

EV Price Hike Wipes Out EV Subsidy in “Inflation Reduction Act”

Automakers jack prices to cover inflation which matches or exceeds any subsidy in recent legislation Click Here for Story

How Michigan schools can produce financially responsible graduates

The public education system should teach the skills that develop ‘competent citizens’ Read more

Covering their Own Behind?

FBI Raid at Mar-A-Lago Quickly Sparks Social Media Narratives - Bloomberg

Was the Mar-A-Lago raid looking for documents that implicated illegal FBI behavior? Click Here for Details

Thanks Democrats

Half of American companies are set to begin cutbacks and layoffs due to Democrat policies which have destroyed the American economy Click Here for Story

War in the Pacific?

Is China preparing for war? Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

NASA mull landing sites on the moon Click Here for Story

Democrat Lawmaker Profits From PPP Loans?

Wife of Oregon lawmaker raked in PPP loans while laying off employees? Click Here for Story

Saying It Out Loud

Joe Biden's son, his crack pipe - and a new low in the dirtiest US election  writes TOM LEONARD | Daily Mail Online

Democrats now publicly say hiding Hunter’s crimes is ok if done to stop Trump. America needs to wake up to the tyranny of Democrats Click Here for Details

Democrats Go Full NIMBY

Open borders are encouraged…until it affects Democrat cities Click Here for Story


Harvesting organs from headless embryos? Click Here for Details

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