The News YOU Need to Know Monday December 28, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Pardon Hypocrisy

Democrats and Media target Trump pardons while Obama pardoned criminals and Terrorists Click Here for Story

Person of Interest or FBI Ruse?

FBI at Home of Possible Person of Interest in Nashville Bombing

Is there a possible suspect in Nashville bombing? Click Here for Details

Biden’s Dark Winter

A Biden Presidency is telling you it will be bad Click Here for Story

Why Close Nashville Air Space ?

If it was a car bomb why is the government closing air space over Nashville? Click Here for Details

POTUS Says No to Pork Laden Bill

President demands pork removal and more money for Americans Click Here for Details

Protecting Big Tech

Why is Congress trying to protect Big Tech in the NDAA bill? Click Here for Story

Warnock the Anti-Semite?

Georgia Democrat Senate candidate has history of anti-Semitism? Click Here for Details

What Laws Were Violated in 2020 Election

States violated their own election laws and the Constitution? Click Here for Details

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