The News You Need to Know Monday December 7, 2020 The

Day of Infamy

79 years since Pearl Harbor Click Here for Story

Forensic Audit in Antrim County Michigan

Judge lets Trump team examines Antrim County voting machines Click Here for Story

SCOTUS Action on Pennsylvania Election Fraud

Justice Alito moves up deadline for State to respond Click Here for Story

Calling Hollywood’s Hypocrisy

Two actors hit back at the liberal Hollywood activism Click Here for Details

Top Covid Questions?

Try these 5 Click Here for Story

Falling Morals

Satanism is growing n western countries Click Here for Details

Georgia’s Corrupt Election Officials

Gabriel Sterling is not one to be unbiased OR trusted Click Here for Story

Rudy Gets Covid

Giuliani Hospitalized After Testing Positive for COVID

Tested positive but doing fine Click Here for Story

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