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Dems Are Eating Their Own?

Tlaib turns on own by urging Democrats to vote against Biden in Michigan primary, stumps for progressive org threatening to help Trump

Dem Congresswoman turns on Joe Biden Click Here for Story

Uh Oh New York…

A truck with a picture of Donald Trump drives through a pro-Trump rally on October 11, 202

Truckers may boycott loads in and out of NYC because of anti-Trump trials Click Here for Details

Illegal Immigrant Flood

US sees huge population growth due to Joe Biden’s open border and the flood of illegal immigrants Click Here for Story

Will Speaker Johnson Step Up?

House Freedom Caucus wants border protection in nect spending Continuing Resolution Click Here for Story

You Can’t Tax Your Way Out of Debt

Higher taxes for the government will only break the middle class Click Here for Story

Germany About to Pull A Biden?

Restriciting the political opposition? Click Here for Details

Gen Z Moving to Texas

Texas is the new go to state for the Z generation Click Here for Story

Thanks Biden…

Migrant Gangs in the Suburbs of Chicago Click Here for Details

CNN’s Priorities Are Really Messed Up

Migrant gangs are gang raping Italian women and CNN is worried it will stir up the far right?? Click Here for Story

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