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Uni-Party Corruption

Democrat Chuck Schumer and Republican Mitch McConnell show their obvious corruption by legislating in secrecy. This is why our country is in such dire shape Click Here for Story

South Carolina’s Low Turnout Brings Questions…

What does incredibly low turnout in South Carolina Democrat primary mean? Bad news for Biden? Democrats looking to affect the GOP primary instead? Click Here for Story

Are Farmers Winning in France?

Farmers suspend their protests after “tangible” progress in talks Click Here for Story

Detroit to spend $6M in federal funds to restore century-old fountain

Again, federal covid relief money is spent to renovate buildings and landmarks

Elites Prove They Are the Enemy?

Stats and polling is showing that US elites believe average Americans have too much freedom Click Here for Story

Detroit uses $14M in federal COVID-19 funds for a sports dome

Covid relief has an expansive definition, by design Read more

Highly Suspicious

Why Did Bill gates invest heavily in vaccine manufacturer right before Covid? Click Here for Story

RFK Jr Has To Do Some Explaining…

Being in the spotlight for a third party Presidential run leaves RFK Jr in the position where he has to explain some of his contradictory actions and statements Click Here for Details

Why Are So Mandy Democrats Tied to China?

Top Joh Kerry aid has ties to the Chinese Communist Party Click Here for Story

IS Biden Pushing Another Conflict in the Balkans?

Serbian leader says the US is interfering the political and judicial system and destabilizing the region Click Here for Story


Democrats are doing everything they can to stay in power Click Here for Story

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