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New NYC Mayor Supports Illegals Voting

Don’t expect thing sto get better in New York City Click Here for Story

West Coast Fascism

State of Washington mulls “Strike Force Teams” and internment camps to detain unvaccinated families? Click Here for Details

What Will SCOTUS Do?

what will be the answer from SCOTUS on vaccine mandates Click Here for Details

Democrats Still Scared of Trump

Looking to twist any old law or regulations to stop Trump from running for office Click Here for Details

Democrats Don’t Look for Unity

Rep Clyburn doesn’t want any dissenting opinions from his own party members Click Here for Details

With Democrats in Office You Get War?

Look for another conflict in the immediate future? Click Here for Story

Why Isn’t The Media Covering Kazakhstan?

This is a crisis but Western Media doesn’t want you to know about it? Click Here for Story

More Reparations Nonsense

But California keeps pushing ahead with it? Click Here for Story

Democrat Pushing on Voting Rights Bill is Anything But Good

Its not about voting but more about stealing elections Click Here for Story

Mandates Aren’t Working


Lockdowns, masking and vaccines aren’t working so why is the government pushing so hard for them? Click Here for Details

University Professor Brags About Threats to Trump Admin

Princeton faculty member is a former Iranian Official Click Here for Story

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