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America’s Greatest Threat?

The Democrats… Bad policies, lies to the American public and politicization of government against citizens and political opponents is putting America at risk Click Here for Story

Sheriffs: The Constitution’s Last Line of Defense?

74 Illinois Sheriff offices refuse to enforce Illinois’s new and un-Constitutional gun ban Click Here for Story

Despicable Biden

Hunter Biden asks court to block his child born out of wedlock from having his name. Does it get any more immoral from this family? Click Here for Details


Abortion and Pro-Choice supporter Jill Biden goes to Mexico and pays homage to “The Patron Saint of the Unborn” ? Click Here for Story

Biden Admin Putting Illegals First

Illegal immigrants are being told to snitch on Americans in order to get “amnesty” consideration? Click Here for Details

Was It a Law Clerk?

SCOTUS leaker search has been narrowed down, was it one of the Supreme Court law clerks? Click Here for Story

Windfarms Killing Whales?

The body of a humpack whale lies on a beach in Brigantine N.J., after it washed ashore on Friday, Jan. 13, 2023. It was the seventh dead whale to wash ashore in New Jersey and New York in little over a month, prompting calls for a temporary halt in offshore wind farm preparation on the ocean floor from lawmakers and environmental groups who suspect the work might have something to do with the deaths.

What exactly is killing whales on the east coast? Click Here for Details

More Commercial Artist Child Abuse?

This time its in Ukraine which isn’t surprising Click Here for Story

Gen Z Is Unpatriotic?

only 16% are proud to be American because of Democrats, public schools, mainstream media and social media. how do we change that? Click Here for Details

Why Adam Schiff Needs to Be Removed

Adam Schiff has been caught lying on multiple fronts and now there’s proof he had social media censoring average Americans Click Here for Story

Delay in Reporting of Discovery of Biden Classified Documents Proves DOJ is Corrupt

The DOJ and FBI are now fully politicized and they are affecting elections Click Here for Details

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