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Trump: US Declaring Antifa Terrorist Organization in Wake of Violence

POTUS to declare Antifa a domestic terror group Click Here for Details

More Rioting

Detroit gets its share of rioting Click Here for Story and So Does Grand Rapids Click Here for More Info

Whitmer Sends Mixed Messages On Protests During Epidemic

‘The First Amendment right to protest has never been more important’

Barr Knows

Atorney General Barr knows activists are behind the riots Click Here for Story

U.S. Department of Justice: Why Pot Dispensaries Allowed But Not Car Washes?

Read more

Is Cuomo on Chinese Payroll?

Goveror Cuomo says the Covid Wuhan Flu is from Europe not China? Click Here for Story

Salon Owner Charged With Working During Lockdown, Six Employees Unemployed

If they pull her license, she loses her business

Bad Leadership

Mayors not moving quick enough to crack down on rioters Click Here for Story

Blood Money

Blood from Covid recovered patients worth money Click Here for Details

Lying Media

MSM claims protests are peaceful but their broadcast shows differently Click Here for Story

These Are Not Protests

Rioters beat store owner almost to death Click Here for Details

This Violent Rioting Isn’t About George Floyd

Rioting is the violent left trying to overwhelm and overthrow America Click Here for Story

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