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The High Cost of Illegals

In the city of Denver the cost of taking care of illegals ha grown to over $340 million dollars of taxpaying citizen’s money Click Here for Story

True Discrimination

Possibly the best collegiate womens basketball player ever doesn’t make the US Olympic team…because she is white? Click Here for Story

Euthanizing Youth

Wohigh cost ke Europe is getting morally worse Click Here for Story

Race Baiting Media

Journalist gest shut down over race baiting question by Boston Celtics coach Click Here for Story

Anti-Semite Democrats

Democrats in Congress mull a boycott of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Click Here for Details

Where Are the Arrests and Punishments?

While peaceful January 6th protesters un-Constitutionally rot in DC jails the Capitol police do nothing about violent pro-Palestinian protesters vandalizing public statues and attacking police Click Here for Story

Is Globalism Losing the Fight in Europe?

Conservatives are taking back political power across Europe as Global progressive policies have destroyed Western Europe Click Here for Details

US Economy is In Trouble?

Its been chattered about for most of the Biden Admin’s time in office, are we about to see the US economy take a hard blow? Click Here for Story

Bad Grandpa…


oe Biden has still not met his granddaughter that his son Hunter helped conceive Click Here for Details

Trump Gaining Support on Both Coasts?

Trump rally’s growing in New York and California Click Here for Story

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