The News YOU Need to Know Monday June 3, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden Admin Directed the Trump Prosecution

When the 3rd highest Biden DOJ employee leaves the DOJ to become a state prosecutor you know the trial is rigged for political purposes Click Here for Details

FASCISM: US Shutting Down the 1st Amendment

US government now shutting down alternative media that runs counter to the government propaganda narrative Click Here for Story

Will We Get the Truth?

Anthony Fauci arrives at the Capitol.

Plandemic plotter Anthony Fauci will face a tough hearing in the House Click Here for Details

Exactly Why Biden and Democrat Policies Are Bad for America

OPEC will increase CUTS to oil production to push oil prices higher. America needs to be energy independent like under Trump to avoid being at the mercy of Oil countries Click Here for Story

Man of the People…

Trump gets hero’s welcome at UFC fight Click Here for Details

Words Matter…

Sham conviction in a “non-legal trial” does not make Trump a felon Click Here for Story

Vaccine Pushback

State Supreme Courts are now taking up vaccine cases Click Here for Story

Making Up Crimes to Imprison the Man

The Federalist Papers knew a tyrannical government would try to imprison the political opposition Click Here for Details

Sheriffs for Trump

Even Blue State Sheriff’s and now backing Trump after the abuse of the New York Courts against Donald Trump Click Here for Story

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