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Democrat Infighting

Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren Spar Over Twitter Removing Trump – The  Hollywood Reporter

Senator Warren and VP Kamala Harris at odds as 2024 election grows near Click Here for Story

Circle of Corruption? Failed Bank Supported Democrats

Silicon Valley Bank employees made huge donations to Biden not surprising that employees also got bonuses in the days ahead of bank collapse Click Here for Details

Michigan can have workers’ rights or mandatory union dues, but not both

Right-to-work repeal in Michigan would diminish workers’ freedom and empower labor unions Read more

Don’t Panic the SVB “Bank” Failure is Not That Big of a Deal?

Silicon Valley Bank is not a normal bank and its problems will have limited affect on the financial system? Click Here for Story

Saudis Get Rich When America Doesn’t Produce Its Own Oil

Saudi Aramco posts record profits as American pay more for foreign oil Click Here for Details

Two Michigan House bills shower favors on unions

House Democrats aim to make union dues tax deductible, give organized labor extra political privileges Read more


Will governments around the world bailout global tech firms and their banks? Click Here for Details

Finally A Common Sense Move by Biden?

Will Biden approve a northern Alaska oil drilling project? Click Here for Story

Phony “Environmentalism” IS Killing People

The phony climate scam isn’t preparing the US or the world for real weather problems Click Here for Details

Child Indoctrination

The left is indoctrinating our children and young adults and its why our world seems to be degenerating Click Here for Story

The Censorship Complex

Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger raise their right hands before testifying about Twitter Files and Censorship Complex

The latest Twitter Files drop is proving that the government big tech censorship conspiracy is actually true Click Here for Story

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