The News YOU Need to Know Monday March 20, 2023

Fluoride Toxicity?

Fluoride: Good or Bad? - Advanced Dental | Lebanon MO

Why did the government block report on harmful effects of fluoride on children Click Here for Story

‘National Popular Vote’ scheme would let California choose Michigan’s president

House Bill 4156 would disenfranchise Michigan voters in presidential elections

Democrats and The Left Have Always Been Violent

Democrats are still attacking anyone who disagrees with their viewpoints and have been for over hundred years Click Here for Story

The Last Shot to Stop Trump

Using lawfare to push their agenda and stop political opponents is a tool of the left Click Here for Story

China NOT Welcome in Michigan?

Residents in Michigan are protesting another Chinese factory in their community Click Here for Story

Is Ukraine a US Experiment

Is the conflict really all about control? Click Here for Details

Institutional Rot

Our once finest law schools have become anti-Constitutional propaganda centers Click Here for Story

Space Race

Will the US be able to win the new race to space? Click Here for Details

Not All Doom and Gloom

There is some positive outlooks for humanity Click Here for Story

Dirty Joe…

Where are the indictments against the Biden Crime family? Click Here for Details

French Revolution

Has Macron pushed the French people too far? Click Here for Story

Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen…

Just another liar from the Biden Admin Click Here for Details

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