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Death of The Auto Industry

Idiot Joe Biden Anti-Biden Metal Photo B-450 – DOMAGRON

The Biden plan to end gas cars will destroy America’s car companies and Americans way of life Click Here for Story

Government’s War on Farmers

European farmers are having mass protests against the climate scam being pushed on them by their governments is America about to oin those protests? Click Here for Details

Michigan climate policies only help utility giants

What’s progressive about green laws that let corporate behemoths pick the pockets of working Michiganders?

Gun Confiscation?

While Obama appointed judges are giving illegals the right to carry guns the Democrats and Biden are ready to use “Red Flag” laws to remove guns from Americans Click Here for Story

Mystery Cancer Spike

Young people getting cancer is spiking? What could have caused this sudden increase? Click Here for Story

Democrat’s Foreign Policy Is a Disaster

Chuck Schumer is just putting the icing on Biden’s failing foreign policy Click Here for Details

China Sea Standoff

China attackes a Philippines boat in the South China sea, how much more of this bullying will other nations take? Click Here for Story

The Border Is Too Dangerous for A Democrat Mayor to Visit?

NYC Mayor Eric Adams cancels a visit to the Texas border… because its too dangerous Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Activities to live longer? Click Here for Details

This IS The Real Enemy of the West AND Russia

Terrorism with Islamic ties is the real danger to Western Civilization and it should emphasize why the Russian/NATO/Ukraine conflict should stop Click Here for Details

And Another Transgender Shooter…

Transgender boy sentenced for shooting 12 year old girl Click Here for Story

A Never Was Republican?

Alaska’s RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski says she could leave the Republican party? Click Here for Story

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