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Politicized Investigations Are A Cancer in Our Society

Even Democrat Andrew Cuomo says using the government to investigate political opposition is bad Click Here for Story

When Indictment Makes You Stronger

Manhattan DA invites Trump to testify in grand jury probe of Stormy Daniels  payoff: Sources - ABC News

Latest polling shows that a politicized indictment of Donald Trump by corrupt Democrat DAs will only help his re-election chances Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

A hole in the sun? Click Here for Story

Another Biden Withdrawal

Why Are So Many Biden Admin picks for department heads completely unqualified? Click Here for Story

Senior Moments of the Week?

As Biden bumbles, who's really running the US?

See this week’s bungles by our faltering pResident Click Here for Story

Government Control of Your Children

California Bill would allow “State sponsored kidnapping” of your children? Click Here for Details

Hmmm, He’s Owned by China?

Another Biden blunder or is he having a Freudian slip? Click Here for Story

Disturbing Public Educators

What is so wrong with our public education system that we have teachers sexually abusing our children? Click Here for Details

Antifa IS A Terrorist Group

And its high time for the government to admit it Click Here for Story

NPR Is NOT a News Source Its A Liberal Propaganda Tool…

NPR layoffs

And that’s the reason they are losing advertisers? Click Here for Details

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