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Clean Up…At The White House

Joe Biden is not just a burden to himself he’s now a liability to the country and the world Click Here for Details

Will We Lose Alaska?

Failure to put election integrity into place means Alaska elections could be stolen for Democrats? Click Here for Story

Time To Add Joe Manchin to the Pasture?

“Moderate” Democrat Joe Manchin is still on the wrong side of spending Click Here for Details

The Negotiated Solution?

Would a “neutral” Ukraine put an end to Russian aggression? Click Here for Story

Lowest of Polling

Biden hits yet another new low Click Here for Details

America’s True Enemies?

The Deep State, The Mainstream Media and Democrats Click Here for Story

Debt Out of Control

US Debt heading past $31 Trillion with no end in sight if Democrats stay in power Click Here for Details

Hit Them Where It Hurts

Trump is suing the Clintons and others for the Russian Collusion Hoax Click Here for Story

Media Bias in Florida Education Law Doesn’t Show the Truth

A majority of even Democrats support parental rights in school sex ed issue Click Here for Story

The Gates Agenda

Bill Gates left Microsoft board as it investigated relationship with an  employee 20 years ago | US News | Sky News

you’ll eat you artificial meat and learn to like it… Click Here for Details

No Respect

The US is no longer respected in the world under Joe Biden Click Here for Story

US Corruption Is Almost Complete

From two tiered justice to complete hypocrisy the US government has become the Epitome of Corruption Click Here for Details

Putting an End to CRT

Critical Race Theory doesn’t belong in the US Click Here for Story

Just Embarrassing

Biden the Gaffemaster continues to embarrass himself and America Click Here for Story

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