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The World’s Biggest Polluter

Yes its China NOT the USA Click Here for Story

The Election Steal

Cheating happened and it did affect the outcome Click Here for Details

Cities Across Michigan Are Banning Airbnb — This Bill Would Stop Them

It would allow short-term rentals to be regulated but not banned

Pick the Right Side

Police need to support those who actually support them and its not Antifa and BLM Click Here for Story

Metrics for Michigan: Slow Rolling to Normal

Governor’s plan may mean restrictions last far longer than those in other statesRead more

Pipeline Sabotage?

Cyber attack on huge US pipeline Click Here for Story

Cheney Out?

Looks like McCarthy will not back Rep Cheney for committee lead Click Here for Story

Its Waste NOT Science

Biden Admin wastes STEM money on social justice Click Here for Details

This Is BLM

BLM thugs beat disabled US veteran Click Here for Details

Disney Disgust

Disney Corporation pushing Critical Race Theory on its employees Click Here for Details

Stopping Critical Race Theory?

Tennessee looks to stop critical race theory in schools Click Here for Story

Paying the Price


US citizens living on the border are paying for the Biden border crisis Click Here for Details

Dirty Liz

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming listens as President Joe Biden speaks before a joint session of Congress in the House chamber of the U.S. Capitol on April 28.

Liz Cheney deserves to be thrown out Click Here for Story

Covid IS Hurting Our Youth

But not in the way you think? Click Here for Details

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