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Populism Is NOT A Bad Word. A Must See Video

Populism is Democracy for the ordinary working man and woman. See Winston Marshall’s debate delivery against corrupt Nancy Pelosi Click Here for Story and Video

Could New Jersey Go Red?

Trump rally in New Jersey is huge Click Here for Details

Oil A Plenty

The US has an oil supply that could last over 200 years Click Here for Story

Whitmer gives the state billions in pork, corporate welfare, not better roads

A slight improvement in roads matched by their continued long-term decline

Biden Admin’s DEI Showcases Incompetency

Karine Jean-Pierre is case in point for promotions based on DEI instead of performance Click Here for Story

Not A Chance…

Nikki Haley will NOT be a Trump VP Click Here for Story

Hurting Americans

Biden Admin’s open border policy is getting Americans murdered, raped and assaulted Click Here for Story

Judicial Stupidity

The Stormy Daniels testimony was worse than laughable Click Here for Details

Close That Gap

New Panama leader wants to close notorious Migration route Click Here for Story

Fudging the Numbers for Biden

Bureau of Labor and Statistics wants to help Joe BIden’s election chances by not factoring skyrocketing coffee prices in inflation numbers Click Here for Details

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