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A Liar And A Thief?

Needed a knockout": The defense team ...

Michael Cohen admits that he stole money from the Trump Organization at the hush money trial Click Here for Story

Ousting Joe?

Are the Democrats beginning to see Joe can’t win and are ready to get him off the November ticket? Click Here for Story

Iranian President Dies in Helicopter Crash

And reports say the Iranian Foreign Minister was also on board Click Here for Story

New bipartisan innovation fund proposal reminiscent of past state grant program

The previous program cost more than $274,000 per job per year

Terrorist Groups in America

DO we already have more than terror fundraisers in America? Click Here for Details


You are NOT doing better under Biden Click Here for Story

What Morons Are Funding Democrats?

Democrats are still doing well raising election cash but who is funding them? Click Here for Details

Capital Gains Tax IS Theft

And like all Democrats Biden wants more of your hard earned money Click Here for Story

Price War?

Is Target and Walmart about to go head to head? Click Here for Details

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