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Memorial Day

The real meaning of Memorial Day -- honoring our fallen military heroes'  solemn sacrifice

Remembering those who gave all for their country Click Here for Details

Ignoring Biden

Rolling Thunder event continues to remember Veterans who gave it all despite the attempt by Biden’s Pentagon to stop it Click Here for Details


Counties with higher numbers of minorities have higher vaccination rates Click Here for Story

Lying MLive? Media Group Gets Teacher Data From Union, Not State, Publishes Bad Numbers

Bankrupting US

Why is the Biden Admin and Democrats so set on driving up debt and bankrupting the Untied States? Click Here for Story

Billboard: Whitmer Dissed People With ‘One Rule For Others And A Different One For Themselves’

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Public School Failure

Maryland School graduating students who can’t pass ? Click Here for Story

Whitmer’s Gestapo?

Think it can’t happen again? Democrats are doing it Click Here for Story

Democrats Push Division Worldwide

Flying the violence pushing Marxist BLM flags at US Embassies the world over Click Here for Details

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