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Michigan’s Great Replacement

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ...

Governor Whitmer’s policies are driving away its population but she’s bringing in migrants to replace them Click Here for Details

Small Step Forward in Corrupt Arizona County

Appeals Court reverses fines on Republicans for questioning the election fraud committed in Arizona’s 2020 election Click Here for Story

Fascist Joe

Hollywood Elite are scared to speak up against Joe Biden and the left? Click Here for Details

Say NO the World Health Organization

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – POLITICO

44 US Senators are telling Biden the US will not give our US rights to the WHO Click Here for Story

The US ‘s Huge Military Problem

The US Military runs on “rare earth metals” and China has the monnoploy on that Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Solar sails for space travel? Click Here for Story

Goodbye to England?

The demise of English culture in the United Kingdom is well on its way as Islamic candidates are now taking over politics Click Here for Details

Failing Banks: Thanks to Bidenomics

More banks are falling into trouble due to the policies of Joe Biden and the Democrats Click Here for Story

DOJ Special Counsel Caught Red Handed

Jack Smith | Know Your Meme

Jack Smith and his corrupt Trump targeting legal team admit to manipulating evidence Click Here for Details

Biden Senior Moments

Another week of embarrassments from Joe Biden Click Here for Story

Can Arizona See?

Ruben Gallego redefines himself as he ...

Democrat candidate for Arizona’s Senate seat Ruben Gallego supports open borders but can Arizonans see how bad he really is? Click Here for Details

How Democrats Ruined The US Military

Instead of teaching US warriors how to fight they’re teaching them to not be patriotic, to worry about transgenderism and other woke nonsense while our adversaries around the world train to defeat America Click Here for Story

Long Term Covid…Vax Problems

Is the world about to see some sever health issues due to the mRNA vaccines? Click Here for Story

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