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Why It Is Time to Leave the UN…

Moral decay, corruption and a difference in basic human values has distanced the United Nations from the United States Click Here for Story

America’s Political Prisoners

The Democrats have turned the US into the Soviet Union Click Here for Details

The missteps of the Michigan Legislature were many in 2023

Forced unionization, pork, and corporate welfare are the story of first half of the 102nd Legislature

New York Anti-Semitism?

Riot in Queens High School over Jewish teacher Click Here for Story

What About Vivek?

POTUS candidate has a controversial background despite taking a lot of MAGA positions Click Here for Details

Romney Proves Again He’s Nothing but A Democrat

Disgraced Senator Mitt Romney proves why he’s not worthy of being elected as a Republican and why his niece isn’t trustworthy to run the Republican party Click Here for Story

The US Needs to Follow Argentina

Javier Milei ran on fixing Argentina and we need a candidate to save the US in the same way Click Here for Story

The Real Threat to America

Its the debt stupid...Click Here for Details

China Problems

US Ship in China Confrontation

US ship confronted by China in controversial waters Click Here for Story


Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm violated Hatch Act

Biden’s Energy Department woefully unprepared to prevent fraud Click Here for story

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