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Lying Liz

Deepstate liberal and phony conservative Liz Cheney doesn’t want Trump to testify on live TV because she knows Trump will make the January 6th Committee look as phony as they truly are Click Here for Details

American Stasi

The Democrats are pushing for more power and removal of your right to express your own opinion Click Here for Details

Election Fraud?

Voting machines in Wisconsin WERE Connected via internet to an NGO? Click Here for Story

Spending Problem

Record tax collection but it still doesn’t match the massive over spending by the Federal government Click Here for Story

DOJ Hiding Biden’s Election Interference

Merrick Garland

Another big story of Federal corruption ignored by the media and excused by the left Click Here for Story

VAERS Report

If you’re thinking about vaccinating your young children read this first Click Here for Details

The Car Market…

Used car prices finally dropping could this spell trouble for banks and loans? Click Here for Story

Boston University Under Investigation?

NIH investigating claims of developing new strain of Covid at BU is this just another cover up? Click Here for Story

Federal drug pricing program drives up drug prices

A bill in Michigan may make transparency harder in the 340B program

Vaccine Injury

And how the Australian government is complicit in hurting its own citizens Click Here for Story

Court Blocks Biden’s Illegal Student Loan Plan

He doesn’t have the authority to make taxpayers foot the bill for billions in irresponsible student’s debt Click Here for Details

Bad Polling Or Are Americans Really This Stupid?

How can Democrat voters still support their party when they’ve destroyed America? Click Here for Story

Redefining Defeat?

Democrat are already trying to spin their upcoming losses in the 2022 midterms? Click Here for Story

DOJ Hiding Info On Biden Executive Order

They know its wrong and makes them look guilty as hell? Click Here for Story

Don’t Blame the Pandemic for This…

Government policies and responses to the Covid”pandemic” is what has hurt our children not the alleged “pandemic” itself Click Here for Details

Stupidest Comment Ever?

Jemele Hill: GOP is calling for boycotts because the MLB 'is standing on  the right side of history'

MSNBC morons blame racism for Hispanics liking DeSantis??? Click Here for Story

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