The News YOU Need to Know Monday October 25, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Johnson and Johnson Related Death?

Vaccine blamed for tragic result Click Here for Story

Make Social Media Transparent

Court ruling may force the Big Techs to provide documentation on their censoring of conservatives Click Here for Details


Tuskless elephants are surviving as poachers decimate Tusked elephants? Click Here for Story

Detroit Schools Rolling In Dough

One of nation’s worst urban school districts gets 88% imore to spend than four years ago

Charges Against Baldwin?

Will it be manslaughter? Click Here for Story

In the Spotlight

All eyes on Merrick Garland Click Here for Details

Obama Is OK with Grils Being Raped by Transgenders?

Disgraceful comments from Obama in Virginia school case Click Here for Story

Open Border Biden

Biden Admin may fire 5000 border agents who refuse the vaccine while letting unvaccinated illegals pour into the country Click Here for Story

Damning Covid Info

UK data on children being affected by Vaccines is not good Click Here for Details

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