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Democrat Gestapo

FBI conduct raids of California homes without search warrants? Click Here for Story

Not A Warm Welcome

Obama comes to Michigan and gets heckled Click Here for Story

Hold On Hillary…

As Hillary Clinton and Democrats try to blame Republicans for the alleged “attack” on Paul Pelosi even Elon Musk thinks there is something odd about the facts of the case that we know so far? Click Here for Details

Wait This Is Just Getting Weirder by the Minute…

Alleged Pelosi attacker was in the bedroom with Paul Pelosi who was able to “excuse” himself from the David DePape his attacker to go the bathroom and call police? Click Here for Details

…And the Local San Francisco Area Paper IS Asking the Same Questions

Was the attacker actually a “friend” of Paul Pelosi? Click Here for Details

Poor Sportsmanship

College sports takes un-sportsmanlike conduct to a new level after U of M vs MSU game Click Here for Story

Massive Layoffs at Twitter?

Looks like the house cleaning at Twitter has begun in earnest Click Here for Details

Trump Cruz Lovefest?

Donald Trump speaks highly of Ted Cruz, could this be a 2024 ticket? Click Here for Details

Europe Should Learn from Hungary

Putting your own citizens and your own culture first is a winning agenda Click Here for Story

Foreign Policy Malpractice

Biden Admin is guilty of nmalpractice in dealing with Saudi Arabia Click Here for Details

Diesel Shortage IS Serious

Why is the Biden Admin ignoring the lifeblood of America Click Here for Story

The Victim Ploy

We don’t even know the truth behind the Paul Pelosi incident but Democrats want Republicans to fol don the election over it? Click Here for Details

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