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How Many Are Left?

Is the Administration hiding the real number of Americans left behind ni Afghanistan? Click Here for Story

The Problem With Mandates

Small businesses struggle over Biden proposed vaccine mandate Click Here for Story

The Durham Probe Indictment

What does it really mean and is there more to it? Click Here for Details

Whitmer Claims Credit For 15,000 New Auto Jobs, But Fed Data Shows We’ve Lost That Many

First round of pandemic lockdowns slammed the industry hard

The Haitian Problem

Thousands on border trying to get into the US Click Here for Story

France Not Happy with Biden

New US UK defense pact with Australia excluded France Click Here for Details

Military Mistake

Biden’s US drone strike in Afghanistan killed 10 civilians Click Here for Story

McAuliffe Owned by Soros

Why Democrats love George Soros Click Here for Details

Thanks Biden

Terrified American trapped in Afghanistan speaks out Click Here for Story

Volcano in Canary Islands

Volcano erupts in Spain’s Canary Islands Click Here for Story

Has Gabby Petito Been Found?

Missing young woman may have been found after body discovered

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