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Its The Economy Stupid

As Biden bumbles, who's really running the US?

There is no amount of spinning the Democrats can do for the midterms Click Here for Story

Italy’s Vote

Live updates for pivotal Italian election Click Here for Story

EU Overstepping?

Ursula von der Leyen on Russia, COVID-19, and Leading Europe | Time

Why is the EU threatening Italy if it picks aa more right wing government Click Here for Story

Feds Admit to January 6th Involvement?

DOJ drops a bombshell Click Here for Details

Left Looks to Seize Another Federal Department

Department of State Office of Inspector General - Wikiwand

Solidifying their power grab on the federal government is what the Democrats want by taking control of the Inspector General’s office Click Here for Details

Havana Syndrome

What is it and why does it continue to happen? Click Here for Story

Destroying the Courts?

Biden and the Senate appointing dozens of liberal judges to the courts who will support the undoing of America? Click Here for Details

California Cold?

Josh Barro slams Gavin Newsom as 'gross and embarrassing,' says 'sleazy'  governor will never be president | Fox News

California will outlaw gas cars and now gas furnaces even though they have no idea how to increase electricity availability Click Here for Story


Illinois police stating prisoners misused PPP funding to bail themselves out of jail? Click Here for Details

Another Biden Blunder?

What Biden Gaffe came out in front of Elton John? Click Here for Story

Is China Having an Attempted Coup?

Will China's support for Russia hold as condemnation over Ukraine grows? –  Harvard Gazette

Odd happenings in the inner circle of President Xi Click Here for Details

The Problem With Policies That Make Fuel Prices Higher

The damage is more than just at the pump Click Here for Story

Biden Inviting Terrorism

Open border policy is increasing the number of terrorists who are trying to cross the US border Click Here for Details

Could The Imams Be Toppled?

Protests getting stronger in Iran Click Here for Story

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