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Take That Gretchen…

Judge gives breathing room to Line 5 Owners preventing a shutdown…for now Click Here for Details

Pfizer Lied?

True number of deaths hidden by Pfizer in Clinical Trials Click Here for Story

Detroit Schools Is ‘Deeply Using’ Critical Race Theory In Its Curriculum

Media says it isn’t being taught in public schools, but Detroit superintendent says it is widely used Read more

Corrupted FBI Tracking Parents?

Whistleblower says Counter Terrorism tactics used on parents who question local school boards Click Here for Details

State Gives $2 Million For Battlefield Center Commemorating American Massacre

Read more

Another Biden Record

New record on drug overdoses Click Here for Story


Another weak moment by Joe Biden over Taiwan and China Click Here for Details

Killing American Business

Biden and Democrat Tax plan does not put America first Click Here for Story

WMU Grants Religious Exemptions to Vax Mandate

Court pushes university to allow religious exemptions to Biden’s vaccine mandate Click Here for Details

Evidence Withheld by Prosecution?

Mistrial asked for by Defense team of Rittenhouse after discovery Click Here for Story

Double Whammy at the Border

Illegal Immigrants aren’t the only thing coming across Biden’s open border as fentanyl pours in to our country Click Here for Details

Leave the Children Alone

Connecticut schools teaching kindergarten students about transgenderism? Click Here for Story

The Lying Left

Democrats pushing racist lies over the Rittenhouse trial Click Here for Details

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