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The Soros AGs

Why is the US allowing an anti-American billionaire to finance corrupt and anti-law District Attorney’s across the country? Click Here for Story

Wisconsin Election Fraud

Voting machines in Wisconsin can and are being hacked? Click Here for Story

Pot Calling the Kettle…

District Attorney Bragg says calls to investigate his actions are a bad precedent?? Click Here for Details

Peters, Stabenow split on ending COVID-19 emergency

Michigan delegation votes 8-7 against terminating emergency; bill will head to Biden’s desk

A Great Idea

Florida Senator Rick Scott wants to take the funding for 87,000 more IRS agents and pay for school security instead Click Here for Story

Phony Indictment

Charges against Trump are politically motivated and have no legal merit Click Here for Details

Banana Republic

The United States has now officially joined the ranks of Banana Republics where election fraud and indictments of political adversaries are the rule Click Here for Story

Can We Trust No One?

San Jose Police Union Executive Director charged in Fentanyl importation case? Click Here for Details

Disgraceful Media

Mainstream media is spinning the Nashville school shooter into the victim instead of the dead children and educators Click Here for Details

Ohhh So They Had to Release the Q-Anon Shaman

Newly released video previously hidden by the sham January 6th committee shows convicted Shaman broke no laws? Click Here for Story

Democrats Like Pelosi Don’t Believe in Your Bill of Rights

Former Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Trump like every one has the “right” to prove his innocence? Sorry Nancy its “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” under the US Constitution Click Here for Details

DA Bragg Used Federal Funds in Trump Investigation…

Which means he is subject to House Oversight Committee Click Here for Story

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