The News YOU Need to Know Saturday April 13, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Tyranny Is Alive and Well in Washington DC

House passes bill that allows FISA searches on Americans without warrants Click Here for Story

The Left Really Doesn’t Understand the Hispanic Community?

Their new gender term is just as insulting as the last Click Here for Story

Rochester parent takes quest for school records to Michigan Supreme Court

Asks for reversal of Feb. 22 Appeals Court rulingRead more

Of Course There Is Going to Be An Election Year Crisis

The Deep State cannot let Trump get elected and they’ll develop any crisis real or fake to stop him. Click Here for Story

Traitorous Republicans

Why did some Republicans vote to keep warrant protection for Americans? Click Here for Details

Gas Prices Will Soar This Summer?

Has Democrat and Biden policies set up the perfect storm for skyrocketing gas prices in the US? Click Here for Details

Japan Must Rise To the Occasion

Japan’s foreign policy is finally changing with the threat of China rising in Asia Click Here for Story

Will Iran Attack Israel?

Will a revenge attack for an Israeli attack on a Iranian facility in Damascus happen soon? Click Here for Story

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