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Foot in Mouth Joe Strikes Again

Why Joe Biden called a young woman a ...

Biden’s phony story about his uncle being eaten by Cannibals doesn’t sit well with New Guinea causing another foreign policy problem Click Here for Story

Trouble for Johnson

A 3rd GOP member looks to remove Mike Johnson as Speaker Click Here for Details

Adding to the Clinton Body Count?

Why did the ATF shot and kill the Arkansas Clinton Airport Executive? Click Here for Story

Michigan’s largest debt declines

Gov. Whitmer asks to put less into the pension system

Sidney Vindicated

Yet another win for team Trump Click Here for Story

DEI Means DIE?

Woke agenda is ruining our healthcare system Click Here for Details

Israel Makes Limited Response to Iran

Israel seems to have hit back at Iran with a limited missile Strike Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

The algae Braarudosphaera bigelowii has been found to have absorbed a cyanobacteria called UCYN-A, which may be a huge step forward for evolution

Billion year evolutionary change, and Scientists have seen it Click Here for Story

Air Safety at Risk

More problems from Air Traffic control have we DEI’d ourselves into danger? Click Here for Story

Funding Illegals

Democrats are defunding police and funding illegals in what world does this make sense? Click Here for Story

State Differences

The Best of the Constitution makes the 50 states each unto their own to develop and learn or not learn from their mistakes Click Here for Story

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