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MLB Goes Full Woke Stupidity

And Joe Biden pushed it …Click Here for Story

Ignoring The Border Crisis

Biden Admin is refusing help to border states afflicted by the illegal immigration crisis Click Here for Details

But Who Will Investigate It?

Hunter Biden admits the laptop involved in his scandal could belong to him Click Here for Story

Four Years Running, Auditors Ding Benton Harbor Schools On Free Lunch Accounting

Federal government appears no more diligent enforcing its rules

Florida Bans Vaccine Passports

Governor issues Executive Order Click Here for Story

Putting Illegals Over American Kids

Democrats prove they hate Americans once again Click Here for Details

Death At Capitol Hill

Suspect and Officer killed in attack Click Here for Details

Out of Control Government

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

136,000 new government employees added in March Click Here for Story

Time to Boycott Big Corp America

Tim Cook CEO of Apple laughing

US corporations are siding with the woke leftists against common sense election laws Click Here for Details

Democrats Profit from Pork Filled Legislation

Infrastructure plan is just another scam by big government to bilk the American taxpayer Click Here for Details

Trying to Take Credit

Democrats have tried to ruin Trump’s economy and now want credit for the recent jobs report Click Here for Details


Border Patrol Is So Overwhelmed That Nearly 1000 Migrants A Day Are Crossing Unpursued

Border Patrol can’t keep up with the surge of illegals at the border Click Here for Story

Twitter Protecting Pedo Bill?

Suspends Rose McGowan over Bill Clinton/Jeffrey Epstein tweet Click Here for Details

When Is Two Weeks a Year?

When Covid and the Federal Government are involved Click Here for Story

Your Money…Wasted

New York Finalizing Plan to Send Some Illegal Immigrants and Ex-Convicts $20k Checks

New York giving taxpayers money to illegals and convicts Click Here for Story

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