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Who Is Backing Who?

US intel says China and Russia are working to affect the 2020 election Click Here for Story

Pushing the Scam

Governor Whitmer moves Emergency Order to September 4th Click Here for Details

President Of Second-Largest Teachers Union Doesn’t Rule Out A Virus Epidemic Strike

Teacher strikes are illegal in Michigan

Whitmer’s Latest Order: Two-Year-Olds Must Mask Up On The Bus

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Stupidity of Democrats

Virginia lets out violent rapist because of Covid and he kills his accuser Click Here for Story

Pelosi Fails

Puts her Green New Deal and bail outs of blue states over Americans hurt by Covid economy Click Here for Story

Tracking You

Government contractor embedded tracking system into apps? Click Here for Story

Biden Banning Guns

Joe Biden makes clear he is all for gun bans Click Here for Story

Elder Abuse

elderly woman in Portland

Portland rioters attack the elderly Click Here for Details

Walk Away

Why voters need to leave the Democrat party Click Here for Details

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