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The Border Crisis: Its Impeachment Time

Blame Biden or blame Mayorkas but what’s happening at the border is pure treason Click Here for Story

Your Politicians Are Being Controlled…

Bought or blackmailed our “elected” officials are not working for you Click Here for Story

Sorry Jack…

SCOTUS denies corrupt Jack Smith the expedited trial he wanted to stop Trump from election Click Here for Details

A tale of two Michigan growth strategies

What Michigan’s growth council can learn from the Mackinac CenterRead more


Why would the University of Minnesota consider hiring a professor with alleged anti-Semite tendencies? Click Here for Story

GOP Sticks With Its Gutless Ways?

Is the chair of the National Republican Senate Committee just another bought and paid for Click Here for Story

Bad News for Disney?

Mickey Mouse will enter the public domain on January 1, 2024 Click Here for Story

Sleazy Venezuela Deal?

Venezuela and US Delegations May Meet in Trinidad and Tobago – Orinoco  Tribune – News and opinion pieces about Venezuela and beyond

Yes the US may have freed 30 people but what monster have they cut loose and what will the long term impact be? Click Here for Details

Goose and Gander

If Democrats can remove Trump from ballots for baseless allegations then they should absolutely remove Biden from ballots for highly evidenced allegations Click Here for Story

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