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Promising Pain

Joe Biden knows what he’ll do to the economy Click Here for Story

Smoking Gun

Georgia Governor asks for signature audit after video show blatant voter fraud Click Here for Story

Another Michigan Restaurant’s Liquor License Suspended For COVID Noncompliance

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Joe Says What?

Another Biden Gaffe, a Joke or speaking the truth ? Click Here for Details

Michigan Cities Want To Collect Income Tax From Nonresidents Working At Home

Opponents push back, citing closed and canceled facilities and services during epidemicRead more

House Votes for Marijuana Reform

Federal decriminalization of marijuana Click Here for Details

COVID-19 Guidelines Changing For How Long People Have To Quarantine

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Democrats Endangering Your Daughters

(Getty Images)

Pelosi and Schumer now sign on to Biden plans for letting males into female restrooms and locker rooms? Click Here for Details

Fear Mongering Continues

More pushing of Covid to terrorize a populace Click Here for Story


Show Us Everything… Click Here for Details

Postal Election Interference

More interference from the US Post Office in the 2020 election Click Here for Story

Democrats Punished Americans

Nancy Pelosi Finally Admits It Was Her 'Decision' to Block COVID Relief for Americans

Speaker Pelosi admits she held back Covid Relief till after election Click Here for Story

Buying Votes

Arizona Democrats caught on video buying votes for election Click Here for Story

More Corruption from Ilhan Omar

Her new husband also got millions in Covid relief funds Click Here for Details

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