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On Deck?

Is Kamala Harris now on deck to becoming President with damning report that shows Joe Biden is mentally compromised on top of his other compromised issues? Click Here for Story

Lawless FBI

The FBI is refusing to turnover the Seth Rich laptop, what info are they hiding from the American pubic and who in government are they covering up for? Click Here for Story

Electric school buses lose one-third of range in cold weather

Range capacity drops when temps fall to 25 degrees Fahrenheit, per U.S. Department of Energy

And There You Go…

Illegals are excited for the chance to vote for Joe Biden… exactly what the Democrats planned Click Here for Details

Stop Protecting Pedophiles

Transgender pedophile given a light sentence for molesting and infant? Click Here for Story

Dickson: Why are we building electrified roads?

The real endgame is not roads that charge cars. Those are meant to draw car-buyers inRead more

Angry Old Man…

joe Biden shows his mental difficulties while trying to defend himself from accusations Click Here for Story

Erasing Indigenous Americans

Once again liberal Democrats are looking to re-write history? Click Here for Story

War in Central America?

President Nicolás Maduro speaking in front of a new map of Venezuela that shows Guyana’s Essequibo region within Venezuela’s borders.

A weak and feckless US presidency has opened the door to yet another military conflict Click Here for Details

No Wonder Our Government is Corrupt

Hamas benefactor the country of Qatar has spent $6 billion to lobby the United States Click Here for Story

Bonfire or Dumpster Fire?

Joe Biden’s press conference to defend himself ends up showing his mental struggles Click Here for Story

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