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Fake Fraud Trial

Trump Attacks 'Racist' Letitia James, 'Psycho' Judge in Thanksgiving Post

New York judgement against Trump is phony justice at its best Click Here for Story

EVs force technology on drivers

Mass adoption of the EV will create a world more hostile to cash Read more

Social Media and Surveillance

For better or worse social media can lead to more control over you? Click Here for Story

The Republicans Who Also Put America Last…

There are some Republicans in the House who would rather fund the Democrat effort to send more money into the Ukraine laundering system than take of the US border? Click Here for Details

Sex Change Horrors

ITs not about mental health its about profit and poor choices by doctors and a medical industry that isn’t lookin gout for patients best interests Click Here for Story

The Phony J6 Pipe Bomb Incident

Here’s what seems to have happened based on new video and facts Click Here for Details

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