The News YOU Need to Know Saturday February 3, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

US Airstrikes in Middle East

The US responds to attacks on US personnel with airstrikes against multiple targets Click Here for Story

The Propaganda Jobs Report

Bureau of Labor and Statistics continues its pathetic twisting of jobs data to try and make Bidenomics look good? Click Here for Story

Michigan Election Fraud…

The State Authorities knew about it and have done nothing to stop it, even worse they claimed Republicans were guilty for pointing it out Click Here for Story

Trump Won’t have to Pay E. Jean Carroll

Case of bias and corruption won’t withstand the scrutiny of appeal Click Here for Details

Cell Phone Radiation?

Why did NIH abruptly stop investigating the effects of wireless radiation? Click Here for Story

Ukraine Sank Another Russian Naval Ship?

Were drones used to sink the Russian vessel? Click Here for Details

Bad News For Tesla

2 million Tesla vehicles facing recall? Click Here for Story

Spy vs Spy?

Iran says it carried out an operation against Israel’s Mossad spy agency Click Here for Story

Hamas Is Not Gone

Despite massive military activity by Israel Hamas still has some control in Gaza Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

A new take on invasive species ad the effects on the environment Click Here for Story

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