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Time to Be Fired

Pete Buttigieg has demonstrated the incompetence of the Biden Admin almost better than Joe himself Click Here for Story

You Don’t Say…

Classified documents found in Biden troves are related to China and Ukraine? Click Here for Story

Like Her Father, Gone Far Too Soon…

Lisa Marie Presley dies of cardiac issue at age 54 Click Here for Details

So Close: Fascist State North of The Border

Canada is treating its citizens as badly as China or Russia? Click Here for Story


Is McCarthy really willing to look at expunging Trump’s Impeachment? Click Here for Details

Euro Invasion


Mass migration is changing Europe and destroying long standing cultures Click Here for Story

Two Tiered Justice

Trump as President had the right to de-classify anything but was raided by FBI/DOJ while Biden as VP had no de-classification rights but has not been raided. Why is there two tiered justice in a supposed nation of laws Click Here for Details


Democrats want to give 16 year olds the right to vote. Is it because many adults are finally realizing the lies and stupidity of Democrat policies? Click Here for Story

Where’s The Monroe Doctrine?

Why would Iran want to send naval warships to the Panama Canal and why would the US allow it? Click Here for Details

Is She Owned by China?

Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass.  (Photo by Andrew Harnik / Pool / AFP via Getty Images)

Why would a Democrat Congressperson would be against a Select Committee investigating China issues? Click Here for Story

Diversity Kills?

Ex-Uber driver who murdered 8 people was in the US on a “Diveristy Visa” Click Here for Story

mRNA Poisoning?

Are the elite trying to inject mRNA into our food supply? Click Here for Details

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