The News YOU Need to Know Saturday January 9, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Americans Deserve the Truth

Giuliani says President should declassify everything for the people to see and judge for themselves Click Here for Story

Hypocrite Politicians

They talk good but don’t live their words Click Here for Story

Michigan In School Learning

Governor says they should be back by March 1, 2021 Click Here for Story

Michigan Hospitals At Pre-COVID Occupancy Levels

ICUs 75% occupied Read more

What Is Nancy So Scared Of?

(Screen Capture)

Speaker Pelosi wants Trump removed before the 20th Click Here for Details

POTUS Won’t Attend Biden Inauguration

Not a snub but better for security and planning Click Here for Story

Let the Discovery Begin!

Sidney Powell

Dominion trying to sue Sidney Powell Click Here for Details

The Dangers Ahead

The Oligarchy is now fully in charge and average Americans are in danger Click Here for Story

The Great Censoring Begins

Failure to remove 230 from Big Tech now has them boldly censoring and removing conservative groups from all their platforms Click Here for Details

We Were Warned

A Biden Admin would bring a recession? Looks like it ? Click Here for Story

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