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Autonomous zones are not acceptable in the United States Click Here for Story

Whitmer Agrees Armed Blacks At Capitol Would Be Killed; These Weren’t

Whitmer’s 114 Coronavirus Executive Orders Bring 22 Lawsuits So Far

More of both seem likely

Say What Joe?

Says George Floyd’s death had bigger global impact than the death of MLK Click Here for Story

Governor’s ‘Trying To Save Your Life’ Standard Places Few Limits On State Epidemic Orders

Telling diners they can remove their mask before they eat

New Cancer Treatment Works?

Former Senator Harry Reid ecstatic over new treatment Click Here for Story

Some Covid Spikes

But most governors will proceed with openings Click Here for Details

Attacking History

More figures of American history are under attack Click Here for Story

Record Spending

(Photo by Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images)

Record spending and deficits being set again Click Here for Details

The Real Racism

Liberal whites shout down black women as they hijack Black Lives Matter protests Click Here for Story


Seattle Mayor's Infuriating Characterization of Autonomous Zone

Seattle Mayor’s view of anarchist takeover is not based on reality Click Here for Details

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